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I've updated this site after a really long time. A lot of things have changed since the last time. I've finally gone digital and got myself a nice new Nikon D200. Taking digital photographs have completely changed the way I do things. For one, I no longer have to worry about saving my 800 and 1600 speed film from the X-ray machines at the airport; nor do I have to wait 10 minutes + preparation time to get a digital image off my film scanner (although, I must say I somewhat miss the anticipation.) On the whole, digital photography definitely does help with throughput. I'm not giving up on film though ... not yet at least. I no longer make the image pages using the perl script - I now use the Coppermine photo album software instead.

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The html pages for the photographs were produced using a simple Perl script. I'll probably add better navigational feature generation to the script sometime soon. Picture descriptions would also be a nice addition. Most of the pictures were taken using Fuji Sensia (ISO 100, 400) and Fuji Velvia (ISO 50) slide film. The flight pictures were taken using a 2MP digital camera. A Nikon N80 with a Nikkor 50mm lens was used for most of the other pictures. Each picture takes approximately 15-20 minutes to process (including scanning time). The scans were done using a Canoscan FS4000US film scanner which takes a painful 11 minutes to scan a slide at it's finest setting and that's why it's taking me so long to put pictures up - but I'm working on that.


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